The Side Door

The Side Door by JP Martel

Let the light get in!

The Side Door: The Way to Go to Unleash Your Best Self seeks to inspire self-fulfillment and resilience, urging readers to explore fascinating alternative paths and relinquish conventional front door factitious expectations.
The author, an advertising communicator, shares how he has always embraced the side door as the true path to change and higher expectations, valuing humility and determination, emphasizing the significance of authenticity and embracing unforeseen experiences.
The Side Door shows that success can manifest in various forms. Ultimately, the book aims to empower you to uncover your inner light and find profound meaning and relevance in your life.

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La Porte de Côté

La Porte de côté par Jean-Pierre Martel

La Porte de côté: La voie idéale pour libérer le meilleur de vous-même vise à inspirer l’épanouissement personnel et la résilience, incitant à explorer des voies alternatives fascinantes et à abandonner les expectatives factices de la porte d’entrée conventionnelle. L’auteur, Ln communicateur publicitaire, avoue avoir toujours considéré la porte latérale comme la véritable voie vers le changement et des attentes plus élevées, valorisant l’humilité et la détermination, soulignant l’importance de l’authenticité et chérissant les expériences imprévues. La Porte de côté montre que l’accomplissement personnel peut se manifester sous diverses formes. En fin de compte, ce livre vise à vous permettre de découvrir votre lumière intérieure et de trouver une pertinence et un sens profonds à votre vie.

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No Baby Pigeons

No Baby Pigeons: Navigating Cancer Through Thought Wellness by Jennifer Farr

Embark on an inspiring journey of transformation with No Baby Pigeons. In this captivating narrative, author Jennifer Farr shares her poignant battle with bouts of cancer, drawing parallels to the hidden world of baby pigeons. Just as these fledglings find the strength to soar beyond the nest, the author navigates the challenges of illness with unwavering trust in their inner resilience.

No Baby Pigeons masterfully intertwines the author’s story with the metaphor of the never-seen baby pigeons, illustrating that even in the face of formidable challenges, there exists room for hope, growth, and transformation. The unique approach connects seemingly unrelated realms, highlighting the profound power of positive thinking and resilience in overcoming adversity.

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Perfectly Placed

Perfectly Placed by Melanie Wilson

Within the pages of Perfectly Placed; Be Where Your Feet Are: Volume One, by international bestselling author Melanie Wilson, faith intertwines with women’s shared experiences in their pursuit of hope and purpose, grounded in trust in a higher power’s guiding hand.

This isn’t your typical read—it’s an invitation to a soul-stirring journey. As you immerse yourself, you’ll discover inspiration in unexpected ways. While inspiration may have lingered in the background, this book brings it to the forefront, offering comfort and reassurance where you stand.

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Heart Whispers

Heart Whispers: A Mother's Unfiltered Words of Grief by Joanne Moïse Routhier

Discover how faith and whispers carried Joanne Moïse-Routhier through the agonizing pain of losing her son, Jesse. In this heartfelt memoir, Joanne delves into the realm of God, Spirit, Angels, and prayer—the pillars that upheld her spirit during those challenging months of a mother’s grief. It serves as her spiritual lifeline, providing solace and strength.

Allow this book to walk alongside you, hand in hand, as you uncover your personal strength within the transformative power of grief. Find solace in the whispers that speak to your heart, providing meaning and guidance uniquely tailored to your journey. It has done so for me, and will do the same for you.

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RET by Dan Miwa

RET by Dan Miwa

Ret is a rising star in a world where intelligence and innovation are prized above all else. He’s on the cusp of a ground-breaking invention that could transform his entire planet, and everyone admires him. But everything changes when a devastating secret about his family comes to light.

With the fate of his planet hanging in the balance, Ret must stay true to his beliefs and fight for what he knows is right. Only then can he bring honor back to his family and fulfill his vision to change the world. Will he succeed, or will the forces against him prove too powerful to overcome? The fate of an entire planet rests in his hands.

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Hot Wheels the Horse

The Adventures of Hot Wheelz the Horse by Lori McIntosh

Lori discovered horses at age eight, where she could sense how their energy, loyalty, and sereneness helped mold her into a successful leader as an adult. 30-plus years later, her life collided with Hot Wheelz, which led to big adventures.

Hot Wheelz was a lonely, neglected horse, too hot, too difficult to handle, with a mind of his own, and too quick for his own good.  Together they all share the joy of day-to-day ranch living with their family of best friends.

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D. M. Dore - Living Nightmare

Living Nightmare by D. M. Dore

Night after night Tobin Blake awakens screaming from nightmares of gruesome deaths. Therapy isn’t helping, the drugs aren’t helping, and lately the nightmares are getting worse. A new doctor arrives promising break-throughs but Tobin senses something deeper is amiss. A riveting thriller leaving you wondering where nightmares end, & reality begins.

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Soul Thieves by Jeanne Souders

Soul Thieves by Jeanne Souders

A Story of Love, Lust, Manipulation and Betrayal.  Elizabeth Lewis is an independent and dynamic woman.When she meets the powerful, charismatic and prolific architect, Grant Bradford, the attraction between them is electric. But behind his slick façade is the darkness of evil; an abusive manipulator with a secret sexual obsession.

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Myles Goodwyn_Elvis And Tiger

Elvis and Tiger by Myles Goodwyn

In April 1997, a man watches the coverage of a young golfer named Tiger Woods winning the Masters. He is so impressed that a “man of colour” could win at such an infamously segregated private club, he is inspired. He wants to meet Tiger for conversation and eighteen holes of golf. The game is on and  an untold story unfolds.

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Whiteout by Kathleen Lee

Whiteout by Kathleen Lee

Nikka and Maggie Phillips have grown up in a volatile household, where their mentally unstable mother has a particular animosity for Maggie.  She moves away to college where she thrives while remaining close with her sister. She wishes that Nikka could join her and the sisters could live a normal life. Nikka, however, continues to reside with their parents out of a sense of obligation and loyalty. Maggie’s life is turned upside down by a catastrophic event that threatens her hard-won independence and love for her sister.  She struggles to cope with her new reality at the cost of all the things she holds dear in her life.

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Melanie Wilson

Unsilenced: Suicide saved me: The Gift of Breaking Free by Melanie Wilson

{un}Silenced. Suicide saved me. The gift of breaking free, Melanie Wilson offers her unvarnished, unfiltered, and untethered story of pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, and unresolved hurts, and how, despite her suffering, despite attempts at healing, despite her desire for un-suffering, she felt backed into a dangerous and life-threatening corner, no way out—until several rock bottoms.

But on the other side of this unresolvedness, where Melanie stands today and vows to deliver us, she begins by reassuring us that the pain is transitory—joy, glory, blessings, and freedom await. That’s a bold reassurance. Melanie delivers. God came to her and kept His promises.

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Muting the Megaphone - Kate DiLeo

Muting the Megaphone by Kate DiLeo

#1 International Bestseller on Amazon in SIX categories. The book also hit #1 Hot New Release in TWELVE categories in the United States and Australia.

Today’s digital economy has turned us into bullish broadcasters. We shout as if we are holding a megaphone in our hands, blasting out a multitude of messages, hoping to catch our prospects’ attention. Equally, we are inundated with messages that yell right back. All this noise is in the name of storytelling.

Stories don’t compel people to buy. Conversations do.

Your brand is more than a story, more than a one-way monologue where one person talks while the other person listens. It can be a compelling message that shares who you are and what you do, how you solve your customer’s problem, and how you are different from the competition. It can be the powerful dialogue that authentically gets the right prospect to the right table at the right time. It can be the path of least resistance to revenue that changes the trajectory of your organization.

If you are ready to cut the fluff and build a brand that wins more work, then this book is for you.

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Mark Carter Idea Climbing

Idea Climbing by Mark J. Carter

If you need the motivation and plan to turn your ideas into action, Idea Climbing® is for you. Balanced with success stories and steps you can take to build out your skill set, network and action plan, Idea Climbing® is an enjoyable and valuable read.”
~ Carol Roth, New York Times Bestselling author of “The War on Small Business” and “The Entrepreneur Equation”, “recovering’ investment banker, entrepreneur and TV personality.
If you want to bring a big idea to life, read on!

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Voices for Leadership - Brian Brogen

Voices for Leadership by Brian Brogen

A new age has dawned. Prominent leaders, experts, and visionaries are digging deep to examine their shifting roles and responsibility in business, their communities, and society. They have become change-makers, paradigm-shifters, and alchemists. By asking leading questions and sharing our collective experiences, we will empower the generations of new thinkers and an international movement of voices for leadership. Read the secrets of success from these 40 leaders.

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A Book of Values - Alan Kovitz

A Book of Values by Alan Kovitz

In A Book of Values: A Personal Guide to Meaning and Happiness, business and interpersonal coach Alan Kovitz begins with the idea that our values are non-negotiable and determine the way we show up in the world. When we live our values, it just feels right. When we live our values, we assign meaning to our life. When we live our values, our happiness manifests. Kovitz takes us on an intellectual adventure, challenging us to identify and live our values, while shaking us from the non-value tree from which we dare not jump. Beginning with what’s most important to us – our relationships. He hopes he will be your guide to a life of meaning and happiness.

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Muting the Megaphone - Kate DiLeo

Muting the Megaphone by Kate DiLeo

#1 International Bestseller on Amazon in SIX categories. The book also hit #1 Hot New Release in TWELVE categories in the United States and Australia.

Today’s digital economy has turned us into bullish broadcasters. We shout as if we are holding a megaphone in our hands, blasting out a multitude of messages, hoping to catch our prospects’ attention. Equally, we are inundated with messages that yell right back. All this noise is in the name of storytelling.

Stories don’t compel people to buy. Conversations do.

Your brand is more than a story, more than a one-way monologue where one person talks while the other person listens. It can be a compelling message that shares who you are and what you do, how you solve your customer’s problem, and how you are different from the competition. It can be the powerful dialogue that authentically gets the right prospect to the right table at the right time. It can be the path of least resistance to revenue that changes the trajectory of your organization.

If you are ready to cut the fluff and build a brand that wins more work, then this book is for you.

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A White Guy Confronting Racism

A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act by Jared Karol

At age twenty, Jared Karol told his best friend his father was gay. Her response? “Big fucking deal!” And the journey began. Years of interrogating the shame of having a gay dad led to an interrogation of the mother of all -isms: racism. In A White Guy Confronting Racism, Jared invites us to join him on his evolution of consciousness-sharing stories of shedding, dismantling, and unlearning what he was taught about race and racism growing up. This book is a clear call to action for White people who are newly awakened to racial injustice. But this is not a “how-to” book. Rather than tell us what to do, Jared challenges us to figure out who we want to be-trusting that “what to do” will emerge. Part confessional, part manifesto, A White Guy Confronting Racism declares an unwavering commitment to humanity. 

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Busy Parents, Happy Kids

Busy Parents, Happy Kids: How Executive Functioning Can Bring Out the Best in Your Family by Lindsay Zoeller

In Busy Parents, Happy Kids, executive functioning expert Lindsay Zoeller introduces the vital importance of executive functioning skills. In these pages, you will learn what these skills are, why they matter, and what you can do to strengthen them.
Drawing upon a combination of scientific research, she provides customizable tips, tricks, and strategies while encouraging habits to help hone your executive function skills, model these skills for your children, and co-create a more seamless day-to-day experience in your home and beyond.
This book will show you that the peace, ease, success, and happiness you seek is at your fingertips, and you can begin to cultivate your optimal life.

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Ordinary Miracles: Life After Loss

Ordinary Miracles: Life After Loss by Margo Sage

More than a decade after the sudden death of her husband, Margo Sage writes about the peace, love and gratitude she’s found from grief. Ordinary Miracles: Life After Loss details how everyday ordinary miracles coupled with a focus on wellness and the resiliency of parenthood helped her raise her infant son and eventually find new love.
Sage chronicles terrifying loss and its jarring aftermath in a cathartic and intentional tone that includes journal entries, music and lyrics that helped comfort her as well as her perspective on the unforeseen obstacles a widowed parent faces. Ordinary Miracles is a raw yet tender account of a journey from inconsolable grief in this story
of self-love, new love and learning that love appears in life’s ordinary miracles.

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A Calm Mind

A Calm Mind: Short and Simple Everyday Self-Care Meditation for Busy People by Cris Gabriel

Cris believes that a creative mind and imagination only happen when that mind is relaxed and calm. You can create better and more positive thoughts, feeling, actions and results when your mind is at peace. She recommends that you journal your thoughts after your meditation to discover the magic of your marvellous mind.

She learned from Bob Proctor, “time cannot be managed but activity can be managed”. Her dedication and passion
to share self-care and self-love practices led her to write this simple and concise journal book of meditations. She
believes that everyone can manage to include self-care and self-love practices for a few minutes every day. She creatively incorporates her mediations into daily activities that become a lifestyle choice. Discover her distinctive way of practicing meditation with an opportunity for journal writing that postulates a calm and peaceful mind.

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Caregiving - Irene Andrejczuk

Caregiving: A Journey of the Heart by Irene Andrejczuk

In her inspirational book, Naturopath and Energy Healer Irene Andrejczuk shares her journey of caregiving for her mother, and how this has enriched her life in so many ways and has taught her to live in the present moment. Irene and her co-authors open their heart and Self to the wisdom each has gained from their experience and provide guidance and comfort to feed the Spirit and nourish the Soul to those who are or ever will be feel at the precipice of change and awakening as a Caregiver.

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I Choose Love

I Choose Love: A Journey of Self-Discovery: Exploring Love for Yourself and the World by Sara Heppner

I Choose Love is an invitation to define love for yourself; to create a brave space where you can be ALL of you; to accept the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t; reveling in the light that sets you free, letting go of the darkness that’s buried in your soul. Who cares what they think? No one knows you as well as you. The first step to bring love into the world is to love your whole self.
Join Sara as she guides you on a journey of the senses, offering different paths to step out of your routines and into your flow, where mind, body, and heart dance together. This interactive journal allows you to connect in your way. Reflect on her anecdotes and words of wisdom. Express yourself in the journaling pages. Find inspiration from her vibrant illustrations. Discover yourself in the quiet moments. Love is always near.

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LOVE2BME by Karin Schrewe

Love2BMe: A Journey Within by Karin Schrewe

Hard is a choice.
A life-changing perspective of negative and positive energies.
When you have the proper tools and attitude there is space for ease. Karin’s book is a practical guide to emotional freedom and has something for everyone. This guide is more than a one-and-done read—its usefulness is lasting and can be referred to at any time. The tools applied encourage the reader to open their minds to alternative ways of thinking, and open up opportunities that may not have been known before.
Karin wishes to inspire the reader to shift stress and overwhelm to peace and possibility. Self-worth is not negotiable.

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Sugar Bitch

Sugar Bitch: How I Ditched the Sugar and Ate my Way out of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes!

Nine years ago, Robert Gale was staring at a blood glucose tester as the number 26.8 beamed back at him. 26.8 on the meter meant that he was an uncontrolled diabetic and was slowly killing himself with every sweet bite and drink he took. Over the following nine months, Robert lost over 85 lbs. and reversed his diabetes. As he gathered more information after the initial weight loss, Robert was able to keep his waist trim and his blood sugar levels low, and soon he dropped another 25 lbs., for a grand total of 110 lbs., from the scale and off his body.

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Uncovering The Inner Hero

Uncovering the Inner Hero Hardcover by Jonathon Calhoun Dugan

When Jonathon’s childhood best friend passed away, a new awareness consumed him; we only have this one life, no second chances, no re-do’s, just this one opportunity to live out our dreams. Realizing this, he questioned everything. The most important question he asked; Am I fully living or am I slowly dying? After pondering this question he decided to take ownership of his life by changing the way he looked at it. He changed the way he thought, felt, and inevitably the way he lived transformed. It wasn’t easy but now he lives a life of purpose, consistently actualizing the limitless potential he found buried within.

This book is a compass, guiding YOU to find yourself. Not the self you think you know, but the hero that is ready to surface.

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The Quest of Rose

The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston

The Quest of Rose is the first book of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., and Jean Houston, Ph.D. Written as an allegory, The Quest of Rose guides you through an experiential transformation journey that weaves together real-life events that are at the forefront of what’s happening in our world right now, with cutting-edge insights from the new sciences, indigenous wisdom, and consciousness teachings for discovering the greater possibilities of our future becoming. Already referred to by many world-renowned luminaries as: “a masterpiece”, “epic and unlike any other”, “one of the most important books of our catalytic time”, and “a true gift to humanity.”

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On All The Other Days by Clint Ward

On All the Other Days by Clint Ward

This memoir of a multi-dimensional renaissance journey is a rare glimpse “behind the curtain” of a life well-lived, interwoven with epic proportions of high flying adventure, sportsmanship, and world travel. Throughout a career that spanned nearly 40 years with Trans Canada Airlines and Air Canada, Clint piloted seven different aircraft, including 12 years as a Captain on the Boeing 747. In his spare time, he embraced an innate passion for the creative: writing, storytelling, theater, and film, revealing the quest of a man who truly embodies the art of reinventing life in real-time.

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My Journey. My Truth.: A Story of Hope, Courage and Transformation by John Alan Powell

My Journey. My Truth.: A Story of Hope, Courage… and Transformation by John Alan Powell

My Journey, My Truth is the compelling story of transformation – one man’s remarkable determination to overcome a debilitating and chaotic past. A child who survived unconscionable abuse; a victimized youth engulfed by self-defeating lifestyle patterns and “prescribed” mental health disorders causing him to give up on himself and others. He spiraled into the cold darkness of despair until one day, the only person who would ever believe in him showed up to light his way to empowerment and possibility. That person was John himself.

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Linda Green - Solving the Post Traumatic Stress Brain Injury Puzzle

Solving the Post Traumatic Stress Brain Injury Puzzle by Linda Green

I was blindsided.A perfect storm of forces was brewing, never before experienced, and descended its wrath that day, changing everything. Linda Green was the Incident Commander on the devastating Valley Fire where structures were destroyed and lives lost. But in the months that followed this life-altering traumatic event she refers to as “her fire”, she knew something was very wrong, even though life seemed to be marching on as always…until it wasn’t..

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Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy

Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy? by Frances Michaelson

The adage of food as medicine has been a powerful naturopathic approach to health and healing for over a century. Doctors treat the effects of disease, but what if we more closely examined the cause? Why do more and more people suffer from digestive issues, intolerances, and food allergies? By using Michaelson’s Six Pillars of Health as a guide, you’ll develop a deeper understanding and gain strength and vitality naturally to motivate and move you toward the world of wellness. It’s time to get gutsy!

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Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel by Mike Ciorrocco

Past hardships can be a powerful gravitational force keeping you down and forcing you to think small. Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco shows how to convert past adversity into ROCKET FUEL to break free from the negative pull of pain and despair. C-Roc offers life-changing lessons in transformation by asking What Are You Made Of? This powerful question will ignite within you a thrust to greatness! “Thrust is a must!”

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Gravitate to Gratitude by Carolyn Flower

Gravitate 2 Gratitude by Carolyn Flower

Are you ready to begin your journey towards transforming your life? With a willingness to change old thought patterns and habits, a new mindset will develop propelling you forward as your awareness of your limitless potential expands. What if you could see your circumstances through a different lens? Be prepared to be amazed as you inspire yourself forward. Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Gratitude is contagious.


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Stop the Denial by Richard Tardif

Stop the Denial: A Case for Embracing the Truth about Fitness by Richard Tardif

Investigative journalist Richard Tardif asks the tough questions and holds nutrition researchers, big business and government policies accountable for more than 70 years of half truths, deceptions, and deliberate public policies fostering industry growth and creating obesity in one-third of the planet’s population. Richard digs deep into the freedom of information archives, often his requests denied or delayed, and stacks an immense amount of academic and science research, to write Stop The Denial.

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Still In Denial_Richard Tardif

Still in Denial: Five Reasons for Embracing the Truth About Fitness by Richard Tardif

Where obesity is gaining in everyone, this is for anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. Learn of why… 1: We’ve Been Conned by health media, science and research: 2: The Calorie Deception! Calories in, Calories out is a myth: 3: We Don’t Know Anything about nutrition, health or fitness: 4: Business, Government, Media did more to harm than help, and 5: The Media’s Perception on Obesity is intolerance. Get a closer to understanding of what is our true fitness.

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Paul Huber - Killing Complacency

Killing Complacency by Paul J Huber

Why do some people succeed while others don’t? What elevates the greats from the average? How can you leverage their secrets to maximize your life? The answer is not some X-factor from God, the universe, or luck. The successful have learned contentment without complacency. The Killing Complacency philosophy demonstrates how to become extraordinary by using definiteness of purpose and deliberate practice. By eliminating complacency thinking, you shift your mindset from limited and scarcity to growth and prosperity.

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Charlene Renaud - The Pinata Theory

The Piñata Theory: What's In Your Stuffing? by Charlene Renaud

Charlene Renaud is the trailblazing thought leader behind The Piñata Theory™, a witty metaphor she’s created to demonstrate the powerful influence of life experiences, stored within the subconscious mind. This captivating concept examines the stability, diversity, and social outcomes of Human-Made-Stuffing…such as cultural beliefs, community influences, oppression, racism, abuse, addiction, trauma, religion, family dynamics, and education. With the guidance of the techniques taught in The Piñata Theory™, detach from social patterns, belief systems, and behaviors that create disharmony and dis-ease.

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Michael Challenger - Don't let Fear Paralyze You

Don't let Fear Paralyze You by Michael Challenger

Have you ever felt weakened by fear? Do you sometimes feel misunderstood and wonder what steps you could take to meet life’s challenges head-on and regain control of your life? If you’re ready to embrace change with enlightened courage and discover your unlimited potential and ultimate freedom, this powerful and inspiring book has been written just for you. Michael will help you uncover the many disguises of fear and embark on a step-by-step transformational journey of hope, self-discovery, and appreciation as you dare yourself to do the things that once felt impossible.

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Anna Giannone - Coparenting in Harmony

Co-Parenting in Harmony: The Art of Putting Your Child's Soul First by Anna Giannone

Anna shares her personal journey from being a child of divorce to being a “bonus parent” in a loving blended family. Anna candidly shares her experiences that led her to discover and develop 10 powerful practice principles that drive the worthy quest for harmonious co-parenting. The compelling truth contained in this book: that co-parenting in harmony and having an outstanding blended family life is possible when you focus on what truly matters. Is it also possible for you? Let this book be the roadmap for your journey to an amicable life you all truly deserve. Because Co-parenting in Harmony is Possible!

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Soul Shaker: A Whirlwind Awakening by Catherine Kontos

Soul Shaker: A Whirlwind Awakening by Catherine Kontos

When life knocks you down, do you get up or give up?” I was suffocating under the rubble of my earthquake. The aftershocks were relentless. How much more could I withstand before becoming one with the earth? Life as I knew it was now extinct; my business and marriage had fallen apart. I was fighting cancer. Destruction. Oblivion. I couldn’t breathe. Yet… somehow with each shattering blow, I found strength. I didn’t know how, but I just kept getting up. I was stripped naked, reborn, and transformed. I became who I needed to be and created a life on my terms – a resilience beyond the scar.

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Connie Rotella - Becoming One

Becoming One by Connie Rotella

When faced with simultaneous unexpected life-threatening family illnesses, Connie felt like she was drowning – as if she was losing her family, her foundation, and herself. How does one navigate so much uncertainty at once? Connie shares how she transformed her emotional vulnerability by accessing a new awareness that connected and harmonized with her life-long passion for dance.She gained a new understanding of how easy it would be to allow fear to lead and her self-belief to fade and disappear. By listening carefully, she discovered the  guidance she had sought was within her all along.

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Melissa Dawn - I Attract What I Am

I Attract What I Am: Transform Failure Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business by Melissa Dawn

After her second divorce, Melissa Dawn felt the world crashing down around her.She was a single mom with a demanding career and an overwhelming roster of responsibilities. The time had come for change. Her inner voice was relentless, demanding her to change the trajectory of her life. Melissa shares the story of how she navigated a difficult life journey to successfully create a meaningful life and business that is heart-led and joy-inspired. Uncover the meaning behind the messages of your inner voice so you that too can create the life you truly want to live.

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Robin Blackburn McBride - Birdlight

Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity by Robin Blackburn McBride

Birdlight is a beacon for readers yearning to live lives of heart-centered, empowered creativity. It’s for those seeking greater alignment with an expanding vision, and a core sense of purpose and authenticity. McBride released a “secure,” successful, and conventional twenty-year teaching career in order to fulfill a long-held dream of writing full time. Living her dream has brought obstacles and discoveries. It’s also brought gifts that she shares with you.

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Camila Pearl - Stress Less

STRESS LESS! Your 15-Step Blueprint to Healthier Living by Camila Pearl

Most of us wonder how much toll stress takes on our health. The good news is that you are in control of how much you allow stress to infiltrate your life andby incorporating the prevention principles in this enlightening book, you will learn how to manage and perhaps eliminate stress entirely. This book delivers an eye-opening blueprint inviting you to change your mindset and daily routines with a new awareness of the choices available anytime to detoxify your mind and body from the widespread dis-ease of stress. Learn the insights and tools you’ll need to improve your health today and live a more harmonious life.

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Pazit Perez - The Little Golden Secrets

The Little Golden Secrets to Get Anything You F***in' Want: How I Moneyfe$ted A Million At The Speed Of Light & You Can Too by Pazit Perez

Hey Achievers, Creators, Dreamers, and Builders! Imagine being part of a growing circle of game-changers who create and live their lives the way they envision them to be? If you think it’s a lack of time, money, or resources that’s stopping you, think again. What’s really lacking is the knowledge of how to get what you want by doing things in a certain way. Your thoughts create your reality and once you apply what you’ve learned and take action, you’ll build and live your dream life.

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MySide Of The Kania-tara_Richard Tardif

My Side of the Kaniá:tara: A Non-Indigenous Perspective on Reporting in Indigenous Communities by Richard Tardif

Have you wondered what it’s like to be a white Canadian reporter in one of Canada’s indigenous Communities? This book is a one-of-a-kind peek into the problem of how non-local media treat indigenous news when it comes to indigenous communities and their challenges. Conversely, how does indigenous media handle the news that influences them from the outside? How does the non-indigenous reporter walk that tightrope?

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Danielle Joworski  - The Athena Prodigies

The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls by Danielle Joworski

At 40, Danielle Joworski had come to a crossroads. Feeling like she had to choose between her career and living a fulfilled life, she decided to leave everything that she had once used to define success. What was dubbed as a ‘courageous’ and ‘brave’ decision became an awakening journey for Danielle of re-discovering herself, and her teenage dreams, while learning how to define what success truly meant. Danielle shares her stories of how she moved beyond the chaos and unhappiness she had created in her life.

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I Choose Love

I Choose Love: A Journey of Self-Discovery: Exploring Love for Yourself and the World by Sara Heppner

I Choose Love is an invitation to define love for yourself; to create a brave space where you can be ALL of you; to accept the stuff you like and the stuff you don’t; reveling in the light that sets you free, letting go of the darkness that’s buried in your soul. Who cares what they think? No one knows you as well as you. The first step to bring love into the world is to love your whole self.
Join Sara as she guides you on a journey of the senses, offering different paths to step out of your routines and into your flow, where mind, body, and heart dance together. This interactive journal allows you to connect in your way. Reflect on her anecdotes and words of wisdom. Express yourself in the journaling pages. Find inspiration from her vibrant illustrations. Discover yourself in the quiet moments. Love is always near.

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Dancing with Cara by A.C. Bradburn

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories by AC Bradburn

‘What a beautiful world this is,’ Crystal whispered to Cara’s heart, ‘when we allow our true colours to shine.’

Dive into the world of four-year-old Cara as she explores the secrets of the universe through her playful conversations with the natural world.

Dancing with Cara: The Rainbow Stories is a set of eight enchanting stories to shift your perspective, awaken your spirit and nourish your soul, with magical illustrations by Ivy Trazsi

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Pugsley the Peculiar Puffin

Pugsley the Peculiar Puffin by Frank Bernard Hicks

This children’s book is based on the true story of a wayward puffin from Newfoundland Canada that somehow landed in the big city of Montreal. It is also a story of the warmhearted and loving people who offered their help, the environmentalists who offered their expertise and the various professionals along the way who offered their time and resources. They all worked together to bring this beautiful wayward puffin back home to family, friends and safety.

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Sally and the Pee Pee Princess

Sally and the Pee Pee Princess: A Nighttime Bedwetting Story by Minka Fishman Leeser

Do you ever wake up sometimes and feel wet and wonder what happened? What happened? The bed is all wet! A wet bed is no fun for the child or the parent!

Sally and her mommy learn they are not alone. Children sometimes wet the bed. So, Sally and her mommy call on a special yet mischievous fairy – the Pee Pee Princess – who visits unsuspecting children late at night. This is a story of how Sally and her mommy use their imaginations to turn nighttime bedwetting into a learning experience for both.

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Limitless - Linda Erskine

George and Mildred: Limitless by Linda Erskine

Mildred the Yorkie doesn’t usually suffer from a lack of confidence, but when her teacher tells her she will never get to space camp, Mildred wonders if her teacher is right – that she doesn’t have what it takes to realise her dream of becoming an astronaut.
But her best pal, George the Boxer knows Mildred will reach the stars and rallies their friends to step up for Mildred and show her why she should never give up, no matter what obstacle may stand in her way, including those who say she should walk away from her dream.

This is a story of dreaming big, of reaching for the stars even when the goal seems impossible. 

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The Girls’ Secret Hideout

The Girls' Secret Hideout by Yasmeen Al-Ali

Have you ever had a moment that changed your whole life?
Lola and Leyla are two best friends who embark on such a journey after war breaks out at home. They weren’t prepared for unexpected adventures they encountered together – they moved away from the only home they knew, made alliances and adapted to their new reality – only to find happiness with the ones they love.
Find out what happens to these friends and the adventures they experience in the face of danger.The Girls’ Secret Hideout shows how courage and family can lead to many great adventures.

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My Music Concert

My Music Concert by Nisreen Jardaneh

My Music Concert is a social story that takes students on a step-by-step journey through their first musical concert. Perfect for first-timers on the stage and students of all abilities, it prepares young performers on what to expect on their big day to ensure a smooth, successful and fun experience. Nisreen Jardaneh is a music educator who believes every child should have access to music education. She has been teaching for many years and was featured as Teacher of the week in Education Journal of the Middle East.

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Skippers Stories - Almost Twins

Skipper's Stories: Almost Twins by Shirley Shoub

Meet Skipper and Ezra: Almost Twins! Skipper, a beagle dog, reminisces about his life with his human family. He identifies as “almost twins” with Ezra, his human brother, as both puppy and baby grow up together. As Skipper and Ezra grow, they go on many adventures, from getting a big boy bed to going on walks and sharing friends. And while one is a dog and the other a boy, they both learn as brothers and have fun along the way.

Skipper’s Stories: Almost Twins captures the love and loyalty between a dog and a boy and leaves us with the promise that their love is everlasting.

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When you Think a Monsters's Lurking

When You Think a Monster's Lurking by Matt Deutschman

The Noise Monster, Shadow Monster, and Darkness Monster are pesky creatures who try to stir up terror all around the house. But bravery is deep inside all kids and this story shows a multitude of creative ways to use your imagination to overcome fear.

Join our brave boys and girls who pretend to become superheroes, drive bulldozers, or figure out other ways to defeat the nagging worries that can sometimes plague children. This story personifies those fears in an approachable way and empowers kids to tap into their inner strength, with colorful images and an inviting rhyme scheme.

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When You Try a Food That's Icky -  Matt Deutschman

When You Try a Food That's Icky by Matt Deutschman

Trying new (and healthy) foods can be a challenge for all kids to overcome, but as you’ll find out in this raucous, rhyming tale, your imagination is a valuable tool alongside your fork and spoon to turn any meal into a party! Whether it’s imagining a medieval battle scene playing out with your vegetables, a seafaring expedition with your fruit, or a meatball car racing along the spaghetti speedway, this book is packed with ways to recreate what’s on your plate (it’s packed with nutrients, too!).

Complete with an accompanying song and some yummy and creative recipes, this book will delight all five senses.

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Hickory's New Home - Memory Grems

Hickory's New Home by Memory Grems

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The mouse, he bought the clock.
The clock struck ONE,
He moved into his new home.
Hickory Dickory Dock.

When you’re scared of taking the next step…what do you do?
Join Hickory Wood Mouse as he transforms a rundown Grandfather clock into his dream home. Over the course of time, Hickory unpacks more than his boxes, finding the magical treasures in daily life and new friends.
This twist on a familiar nursery rhyme is for children of all ages who love clocks, time, magic, flowers, trees, and the room and space to be yourself.

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George and Mildred: Let's Tango

George and Mildred: Let's Tango by Linda Erskine

George and Mildred are excited about the upcoming Christmas Talent Show, where Mildred will show off her flying skills as the Angel with a Capital “A.” But George is more excited about making a new friend in Hector, a foster boxer who has just arrived in the community. Hector is scared, and George knows how fear can sometimes hold you back. So, George learns Spanish, and he and Mildred take up the quest to make a new friend and find out what makes Hector’s heart soar. This is a story of love and acceptance, embracing who you are, and realising that you don’t have to be born into a family to feel like you’re part of one. What’s important is who you love, who loves you, & learning to love and accept yourself.

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George And Mildred - Life's A Beach

George and Mildred: Life's A Beach by Linda Erskine

George the Boxer is always scared of something – the town bullies, big noises and water – especially the ocean, where his big head and chest and long dangly legs will sink like a stone. And the beach is exactly where his best pal, Mildred the Yorkie, wants to go. Will Mildred conquer the sea and become the world‛s greatest swimmer? Or will George‛s biggest fear come true?

 George and Mildred: Life‛s a Beach is a tale of how two friends learn that being cautious is important, but being too safe can hold you back from being the hero you‛re meant to be.

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George and Mildred by Linda Erskine

George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls by Linda Erskine

Can George stand up to the bullying of the Meanie Girls, or will he run away and hide as usual, only to be taunted by all the other dogs at the park? George the Boxer and Mildred the Yorkie are the unlikeliest of friends. One is big and fearful, the other is small and feisty, but together they can take down the town bullies and embark on new, exciting adventures. George and Mildred: The Attack of the Meanie Girls is a story of a friendship that blossoms in the face of fear, bites and barks, and gives George the confidence to stand up for himself.

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Jada Mei Mathews' Plan: Perfect

Jada Mei Mathews' Plan: Perfect by Kim Gillingham

Meet Jada Mei Mathews.  Jada has that niggly feeling. And, although, she isn’t a particular fan of Charlotte’s, in this case…she just might be right. There is definitely something different about her family photo. And it has nothing to do with being adopted and even less to do with her not having a dad. All of her friends have different families. Zuri’s mum is from France and her dad South Africa. Jayden has a dad and a step-dad, John has two mums and Sasha lives with her grandparents. Some have have pets and others have siblings. But when Charlotte pointed out that Jada’s family photo was strange…it got her thinking. Could she be right? With the help of her best friends, Zuri and Liam, Jada sets out on a mission to discover that something different. The three friends come up with a plan…and it’s perfect. What could possibly go wrong?

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My Best Friend's a SuperHero

My Best Friend's a SuperHero by Indra Singh

She was different; she always knew she was. Sometimes it was hard for her to believe she was living amongst such strange humans here on planet earth. Until one day, she met a confident, blue booted, wild-haired stranger who took her breath away. Was the stranger from the stars?

Are you someone who is waiting for the magic? For someone to come into your life to save you from the things that are getting you down? Maybe you just need to change your mindset and create your own magic?

Self-love starts with you and, the sooner you realise it, the better. We all have an undiscovered country within us. What’s yours?

“It’s only by watering your own seed of happiness that you become a sunflower.” Indra

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Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure by Sharon Walton

Somewhere, in a hallway, under a bed, in a closet, outside a window, and in basements everywhere, a child is terrified of scary things lurking in the dark. In this choose-your-own-adventure, you are five-year-old Nate. You travel across Dreamworld as Ada, a little German girl haunted by a ferocious, blanket stealing Wolpertinger.
Empowered by the fearless reputation of the Super-Duper Pajama Kids, you tame the Wolpertinger, pit the Wolpertinger against the Boogeyman, and use your 20-Tornado Super-Duper Power to send him shaking in his boogie.
Join the Super-Duper Pajama Kids as they push back the darkness, and enable children all around the globe to make brave decisions to overcome those scary things that go bump in the dark.

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Two Cabbage Lane

Two Cabbage Lane by Joanne Cutler

Not all families are the same. Sometimes there are two parents and sometimes there’s just one. Sometimes there’s only one child and other times there are many! And every now and then a little boy or girl is adopted into an awesome family that has waited forever to meet them.
As long as it’s a happy family with lots of love…it’s a perfect family!

Meet Beanie and Sonny, who create the most perfect family together.

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Katherine MacDonald - Where's My Grandpa?

Where is my Grandpa? by Katherine MacDonald

Five-year-old Oliver sets out on a journey to find his Grandpa, who recently died. As Oliver visits all the wonderful places that remind him of his Grandpa, he is faced with unfamiliar emotions and the unsettling reality that his Grandpa is nowhere to be found. Feeling hopeless and sad, Oliver reaches out to his Mommy for help. He learns that talking about these emotions makes him feel better, and with his Mommy’s love, understanding and support, he also finds what he has been searching for the entire time: his Grandpa.

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Katherine MacDonald - Ou est mon Papi?

Où est mon papi ? by Katherine MacDonald

Olivier, âgé de 5 ans, part à la recherche de son papi qui vient de mourir. En parcourant tous les endroits merveilleux qui lui rappellent son papi, il est confronté à des émotions peu familières et à cette réalité troublante : il ne peut trouver son papi nulle part. Triste et désespéré, Olivier demande l’aide de sa maman. Il se rend compte qu’il se sent mieux lorsqu’il parle de ses émotions et, grâce à l’amour, au soutien et à la compréhension de sa maman, il trouve finalement ce qu’il cherchait pendant tout ce temps : son papi.

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Joanne Cutler - One Cabbage Lane

One Cabbage Lane by Joanne Cutler

Sometimes it’s the tiniest thing that can make the biggest difference! That’s what Rosie discovers when she comes face to face with a huge problem. All her life she’s been excluded and left out but…can she make a difference now? Can she prove herself? Does she have the courage? Come meet Rosie and all her neighbors who live on Cabbage Lane.

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Magi Faga - A Rainbow for Dad

A Rainbow for Dad by Maggie Faga

When Amber found out that her dad needed help, she knew just what to do. With her mom by her side, she learned something new. With a rainbow surprise, her wish came true. Maggie wrote this book during the Coronavirus pandemic to help us all remember to care and help each other to stay safe. Amber is a clever girl who shares her clever ideas with us all.

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Vanessa Verne - I Love That About Me

I love that About me by Vanessa Venne

We are who we are. We have thoughts and feelings that we express by the things we do and the things we say. Lucy shows us how she loves everything about herself. What makes her unique, what makes her, HER? Whether she is exploring nature, listening to her feelings or loving her crazy curly hair, Lucy wants you to love yourself as much as she does. After all, nobody is quite like you, and you should love everything about you, too! 

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Precious Pinata

Precious Pinata Collectable Character & Guide Book: Precious Pinata What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? by Charlene Renaud

The New Standard to Teach Young Children about Health, Safety and Life Skills. Interactive, World-Exclusive Design, based on Psychology, Prevention, Education and Connection. Precious Pinata and book are intertwined, to achieve success in ensuring children are well prepared for life situations, leadership and making healthy decisions. The success of the impact of Precious Pinata’s topics and life lessons involves an adult or mentor, presenting one chapter at a time, to the child. Highly recommended by parents, grandparents, teachers, therapists and child protection advocates. Suggested age: 5-12 years old.

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Angela Pearson - I'm Not Contagious

I'm Not Contagious by Angela K. Pearson

Meet Grayson. He is an engaging and light-hearted six-year-old boy.  The world, through his eyes, has pegged him to be contagious. When a new bill becomes law in the state where he lives, Grayson is banned from attending his public school with his friends and must homeschool with his Mom, because his parents chose a holistic health approach to vaccinations.  His innocent comedic perspective serves whimsical as he describes the reluctant uncertainty some people have toward him, how he thinks through this challenge and how it feels from his young perspective.


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Emily and Lovey by Anna Humphrey

Emily and Lovey – A Friendship story by Anna Humphrey

Life is always better when you share it with a friend. That’s what sweet Emily learns when she makes her first-ever friend, Lovey the Llama.

From the very first day, Emily and Lovey do everything together from morning to night, learning how to read and cook, and even learning to drive Emily’s very first toy car. Follow this pair, and learn how embarking on exciting adventures is much more fun when you share it with a friend. Emily & Lovey: A Friendship Story is the first in the Emily & Lovey series that follows this sweet girl and her loving llama. So, grab a friend and read this story together!

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Where did my Grandma Go?

Where Did My Grandma Go? by Mari LaMoore DVM

Young Fiona misses her grandmother, her hugs, her laugh, and especially spending time with her on the family farm. She wonders where she went and how she can find her again, so she goes on a quest, armed with her favorite blue blanket, and memories of her grandma.
As Fiona searches the world – through forest, jungle, desert and mountains – and meets creatures along the way, she realizes her grandma is everywhere – in the plants, the ocean, the breeze – everywhere there is beauty in the natural world.
Join Fiona as she travels to find her grandmother and ends up discovering a world filled with adventure, friendship, beauty and love, and realizes that her grandmother never left at all.

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Jenny Kuspira - Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat by Jenny Kuspira

Meet Willy Wuz. A Wuddle from a place called Wuddeltom. No one knows exactly where it is, but it is somewhere between here and there and around the bend. Wuddles love all sorts of things including nature, music, playing games but most of all… their favorite thing in the whole world are stories. Willy Wuz visits a local dairy farm in search of an ice cream adventure, to discover where his favorite Sweet Treat comes from. Explore your world with Willy, find adventure, learn something new, and meet many new friends along the way

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Skiing Is Believing

Skiing is Believing by Nancy Peck Cook

Alice is a little girl with big dreams to ski down a beautiful mountain, like the skiers that she sees on TV. That dream becomes reality when her parents bring her on a ski trip to Vermont where she experiences the challenges, the joy, the adventure and the feeling of accomplishment when she gets to the bottom.

Skiing is Believing is a story of adventure, magic and a realistic tale of a little girl learning how to ski.

Read along and imagine the magical snowflakes falling, giving lift and inspiration to Alice as she experiences down the mountain! Confidence with care and making dreams come true is what this story hopes to inspire young children to achieve great things, all because they believe!
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Simba And Bear

Simba and Bear's Woodland Misadventure by Shirin Pillay

How many of us are lucky enough to have a best friend with whom we can get carried away having fun?Simba and Bear are two such best friends. Come along with them on an adventure, where their curiosity takes them a little too far one day.
When Simba and Bear get carried away chasing their adventures in the park, they find themselves lost in the woods. It doesn’t take them long to realize that wandering off without their Moms can quickly become very scary.

Simba and Bear’s Woodland Misadventure is about being found and feeling secure. It is about feeling loved and knowing that, when in the comforting embrace of those who love us, we are safe.

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Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure

Nate and the Super-Duper Pajama Kids Adventure by Sharon Walton

Somewhere, in a hallway, under a bed, in a closet, outside a window, and in basements everywhere, a child is terrified of scary things lurking in the dark. In this choose-your-own-adventure, you are five-year-old Nate. You travel across Dreamworld as Ada, a little German girl haunted by a ferocious, blanket stealing Wolpertinger.
Empowered by the fearless reputation of the Super-Duper Pajama Kids, you tame the Wolpertinger, pit the Wolpertinger against the Boogeyman, and use your 20-Tornado Super-Duper Power to send him shaking in his boogie.
Join the Super-Duper Pajama Kids as they push back the darkness, and enable children all around the globe to make brave decisions to overcome those scary things that go bump in the dark.

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This Monster Wears Pants

This Monster Wears Pants by Jodie Davis

Marvin looks like a typical monster.
He has flaming red fur, dragon-like claws, and a roar that would scare even the bravest lion.
There’s just one small thing… THIS MONSTER WEARS PANTS!
Join Marvin the fashion-loving Monster, Sammy the skateboarding Salmon, and Max the vegetarian Bear as they learn that it’s okay to be different. In fact, the friends soon discover that standing out from the crowd can lead to new and wonderful opportunities.

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Leave Them Lists

If You Love Them Leave Them Lists: A guide to navigate difficult conversations and organize your affairs by Catherine Rahal

We all like to imagine that our affairs are in order, that our families will have in hand necessary information in the event of our incapacity or passing. Feel secure in the knowledge that your family will be guided by your wishes during challenging times, as much as can be, with this legacy notebook in hand. Well organized and accessible to even those most reluctant to face facts. Ready-to-use lists are there for those who don’t want to invent their own methods. If one wants to feel reassured that all is in order, this is the book to follow.

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Laissez-Leur Listes

VOUS AIMEZ VOS PROCHES? LAISSES-LEUR DES LISTES. Un guide pour faciliter les discussions délicates et mettre de l'ordre dans vos affaires. Par Catherine Rahal

L’auteure de ce livre, Catherine Rahal, nous fait part de ses expériences douloureuses et nous explique comment elle en est venue à écrire ce guide. J’ai reçu un message qui disait : « C’est ce qui m’est arrivé et je ne veux pas que ça vous arrive. » Un deuxième disait : « Il est important de faire savoir à tout le monde qui sont vos représentants. » Et un troisième disait : « N’attendez pas ! » Ce guide couvre tous les aspects importants de votre succession: de vos mots de passe aux noms d’utilisateur sur les médias sociaux, jusqu’au sort de vos animaux domestiques. 




Figs Beneath The Snow

Figs Beneath the Snow - Unearthing the Poetry Within by Silvia Fiorita Smith

What do you do when you want to make sense of all the uncertainty in the world around you? How do you capture the moments in your life that have made you who you are? You sit in the early morning light, reflect, and paint your stories of memories that evoke words and elicit hope. Like a fig tree out of its element that lies buried beneath the earth during winter, you come back and flourish, bearing fruit for all to enjoy.

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Return of the Avatars

Return of the Avatars: The Cosmic Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming by Anneloes Smitsman & Jean Houston

Return of the Avatars is the second book of the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D. and Jean Houston, Ph.D., who are leading pioneers in the fields of human development, consciousness research, and systems sciences. Join the future humans in this spell-breaking, soul-stirring adventure as they explore essential lessons about power, unity, ego, shadow, hope, courage, and love. The wake-up call from Mother Earth is hitting home. We have a choice. Discover how we can stop the programs of self-destruction and the harmful operating systems by changing and evolving the ways we play the game of life on planet earth. Praised by Deepak Chopra, M.D. as a book that is “prophetic.”

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Anne Vezina_ Food For Talk

Food for Talk - Recipes to Rave About by Anne Vézina

Everybody loves to talk about food and about the recipes that take us back to our childhood, that remind us of good times with close friends, or that we associate with important events. Anne has selected 75 easy-to-prepare recipes for everyday meals as well as more elaborate dishes and desserts for special occasions. Enjoy quick bites, hearty favorites, classic and comfort food, festive and guilty pleasures. You are sure to find a few recipes to rave about!about!




Les recettes qui font jaser par Anne Vezina

Les recettes qui font jaser par Anne Vézina

On aime tous parler de nos recettes préférées, soit parce qu’elles nous plongent dans nos souvenirs d’enfance, qu’elles nous rappellent de beaux moments entre amis, ou qu’elles soulignent un événement important. Anne vous propose 75 recettes faciles à préparer pour les repas de tous les jours ainsi que des mets et desserts plus élaborés pour les occasions spéciales. Savourez des plats rapides, classiques, réconfortants, festifs et des plaisirs gourmands. Vous trouverez sans doute des recettes « coup de cœur » qui vous feront jaser!




Naoko Nakajima - Maktub A Journey Home

Maktub A Journey Home by Naoko Nakajima

Your given name is your identity and Naoko didn’t have one. Her name was rejected at birth in Japan and was replaced by a temporary one; a name she used to live as herself. This drove her to an imperative life-long quest to discover her true identity. This is a memoir of her odyssey including her challenges in Canada, her adopted country, which deepened her healing and insight. Naoko shares how Light within, no matter how deeply confined, found its way to liberate Itself.

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Lady C - In My Daughter's Eyes

In My Daughter's Eyes by Lady C

Inspired by generational struggles and life events, she found the strength to persevere and hope to live by. Her childhood curiosity registered stories into her memory that she created into a hybrid existence of her own.Optimism is her best friend and her trust in God leads all her decisions.

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Transform Your Life Journal

I Am Somebody: Transform Your Life Organizer by Jennifer Bulbrook

Jennifer Bulbrook knows she is somebody, and you are too. So, she created the I Am Somebody: Transform your Life Organizer to take you step-by-step through a process for you to achieve an emotionally balanced life. Follow the steps, do the work, and you will soon realize that I AM SOMEBODY! Unlike any ordinary planner you have ever had or seen before these are specifically designed  to contain the tools you need to change your life and feel true happiness and succeed in all that you do. Transformation Planners feature self-development strategies, each specifically geared towards topics such as self-worth, depression, anxiety, etc.

The I Am Somebody: Transform your Life Organizer is the first in a series.

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Vartkes Nalbandian - I want to Die with a Flag

I want to Die with a Flag by Vartkes Nalbandian

In an unprecedented volume of memories and experiences from Ethiopia, Vartkes Nalbandian shares snapshots of living in Ethiopia through three regime changes, untold numbers of funny and painful moments, and occasionally refers to the fascinating history of Armenians in Ethiopia and their role in the development of their new motherland. The book based in Addis Ababa, but is a journey through time. The facts that seem harsh and critical are not for criticism but intend to making everyone who loves Ethiopia understand and use it for the betterment of the country.

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Samantha Caroline Lavalee - Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Samantha Caroline Lavalee

Finally, there is a place to find refuge and feel less alone. It is here, with this unique collection of Notes and Quotes. Every passage is a sacred creation from the author’s own heart wisdom gained by rebuilding a life she loves out from under the rubble of victimhood abuse, rape, and helplessness. By sharing her own raw vulnerabilities this delicately woven tapestry brings inspiration and comfort to readers who are on their own difficult journeys back to the self.

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Natalie Merritt-Broderick - In This Moment of Freedom

In This Moment of Freedom by Natalie Merritt-Broderick

Through poetry, author Natalie Merritt-Broderick has been able to reflect on life in the most unique ways, inviting her heart to sing and her eyes to cry. For every crossed-out word or crumpled piece of paper, her journey has graciously landed her In This Moment of Freedom. Her love for writing is lifelong, where she has created a world to disappear for a few moments or hours, knowing when she reappears, she’ll be one step closer to understanding the true meaning of life. Whether in joy or sorrow, Natalie is grateful for every last word.

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Christine Potvin - Purged

Purged by Christine Potvin

Fourteen interviews, fourteen portraits of men and women. The stories; a witch hunt, a form of genocide aimed at eradicating those presumed a threat to National security simply for who they loved. The precariousness of freedom revealed through their compelling accounts. 

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Christine Potvin - Purgee

Purgee par Christine Potvin

Quatorze entrevues, quatorze portraits d’hommes et de femmes. Leurshistoires : une chasse aux sorcières, une sorte de génocide visant à éradiquerceux qui représentaient une menace présumée à la sécurité nationale, à cause,simplement, de leur être aimé. C’est toute la précarité de la liberté qui estdévoilée à travers ces comptes-rendus touchants.

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A Body of Wisdom: A Collection of Poems - Jacquie Compton

A Body of Wisdom by Jacquie Compton

A Body of Wisdom is an invitation to a poetic journey. It is an offering to unearth the body’s wisdom and the wisdom of our creative beings. It is a journey of learnings, of teachings, allowing space for the reader to connect, explore and tend to their healing through the ebb and flow of this book. It is an invitation through and to alignment, from the place of dreams to the place of being, to the beauty of grief, and the beauty of all parts within.
A Body of Wisdom creates dialogue and reflection, a space to think more openly with curiosity, broadening our perspectives of our world and who we are—connecting us to the deep questions within. It supports healing, reflection, connection, and understanding of our bodies and our creativity.

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Anneloes Smitzman - Love Letters From Mother Earth

Love Letters From Mother Earth by Anneloes Smitzman

The Promise of a New Beginning lives within us as an ancient seed code from the Eternal. We have been aware of this possibility for a long time, yet as a species we were not yet sufficiently engaged with the process for birthing this together. Collective engagement in the birthing of this new possibility is increasing now. These letters remind us that we are made for this process, and we are not alone.

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