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Publishing Partners Carolyn Flower & JP Martel lead your team of industry professionals who will bring your book to life. You’ll find these NEXT GEN options to guide your pathway to publishing all under one roof at Oxygen. Concept consulting, manuscript assessment, writing and development, ghostwriting, content editing and architecture, proofreading, copywriting, creative and graphic design, author and business branding, website integration, promotion, publishing, distribution and online knowledge commerce.

Carolyn Flower

Expertise in Author Development, Success Strategies, PR & Promotion


Carolyn combines literary and promotional expertise with personal growth principles into her 27-year creative entrepreneurial practice. For many years, her business focused primarily on promotion and publicity to bring the stories of her clients to life, which is when she met and co-created successful events with JP Martel, her Oxygen Publishing partner.

After publishing her first book, she became aware of a gap in the literary marketplace. There was a need for clarity, trust, guidance and professionalism when it came to the evolution of an individual’s story. To mind this gap and help navigate the publishing journey of aspiring authors around the world, she created the Pathways to Publishing Academy © for Author Development in 2015. The Academy offered value-rich personalized and structured stewardship to writers who are laser-focused on achieving their dream of becoming published authors. She has published dozens of books for her clients and looks forward to the “next gen” of books that will be published under the Oxygen brand.

Carolyn passionately builds belief in others and guides them to identify their vision, connect to its significance and unfold their talent to move boldly and confidently toward achieving their goals by tapping into their creative faculties. She loves to ignite the spark within her clients’ imagination. It is her honor and privilege to partner with J.P. Martel and expand their combined passion to serve aspiring authors around the world and more broadly expand their publishing footprint.

J.P. Martel

Expertise in Management, Marketing, Advertising, Diplomas in Literature


JP published his first novel the same year he obtained his MA Degree in Literature from McGill University, (after a BA in Literature from Université de Montréal). During his Ph.D studies and exams, JP became professor of language & literature at McGill.

Soon thereafter, he was attracted and seduced by the fascinating world of marketing and advertising and became Creative Director and Managing partner of major Canadian advertising agencies. He founded his own agency, Martel & Co, that he has run for 25 years, which is now part of the Publicis worldwide group of agencies.


It is his unique branding and marketing expertise that JP brings, accompanied with his love of books and of stories well-told. In partnership with Carolyn Flower, he wants to be an author at the service of authors, helping his peers in the two official languages to shine worldwide and delight readers all over.

JP has published a second novel, and is now working on a novel saga, The Chronicles of Elsewhere, as well as a series of comic strips.

Carolyn, Elizabeth Corker (Mayor of Hudson in 2008) and JP, welcome hundreds of guests to the town. The sold-out wildly successful M&M Express was a unique train excursion event. On board was a Dixieland band and when theatre-goers were transported from Montreal to Hudson, they patronized restaurants, shops and helped kick off the summer season extravaganza at Hudson Village Theatre.

If you build it, they will come ……….

“Back in the day, Carolyn and Jean Pierre came up with a unique idea to attract a whole new crowd to the Hudson Village Theatre. Their recipe for success was simple … find a corporate sponsor; add a special weekend commuter train from Montreal; mix in a little lively music during the ride and voila ………….. Hudson and our theatre became an instant hit for hundreds!

Their initiative helped breathe new life into this year-round facility and twelve years later the theatre continues to thrive!”

Elizabeth Corker
Former Mayor of Hudson (2005 – 2009)

That was then…this is now!

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