Emotionally Scarred - Mary-Frances Buckland




Stop the Scam!

Don’t be the victim of your emotions—change your story by putting your emotions under a magnifying glass so you can see them for what they really are!

Follow along as author Mary-Frances Buckland shares her harrowing experiences and exposes emotions that are often misconstrued. It is a path of discovery that removes delusions, creates awareness, and promotes healing, paving the way for a new reality and the life you desire and deserve.

In Emotionally Scammed, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between love and lust
  • Why attention and affection look similar but are vastly different
  • The consequences of confusing shame and guilt
  • The types of grief and their impact
  • The difference between your story and the story … and why it’s important
  • And much more!

Mary-Frances masterfully exposes how our feelings can betray us and sabotage our results. Don’t let your emotions be the masters of deception—let Emotionally Scammed help you create a promising new reality today.

Dr. Greg S. Reid

NY Times Bestselling Author, Speaker, & Founder of Secret Knock


Mary-Frances Buckland

A life, health, and transformation coach, Mary-Frances Buckland is also certified in Reiki therapy, hypnotherapy. She is a certified Mastermind leader, a certified beekeeper, and a teacher for 18 years. As a public speaker, Mary-Frances has graced the stage at Secret Knock, a Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur top-rated event. 

Mary-Frances’ career evolved from her life experiences. The proud mother of two children, her 20-year marriage ended in divorce. Afterward, she rebounded from one relationship to another, a pattern that would repeat itself until she realized that the universe was giving her what she asked for. Before her mother passed away in 2015, Mary-Frances promised her she would take care of her father, and she fulfilled her promise until he transitioned into the next life. No longer a wife or caregiver, Mary-Frances then began her journey of self-discovery and studied to become a life, health, and transitional coach. It was during this time that she realized she needed to heal from her past before she could help others. Unraveling years of abuse and neglect required forgiveness and a deep study into the real and perceived emotions she had carried with her for decades. Putting everything in God’s hands, her healing took her on a path to help others. In that incredible journey, this book was born. 

Mary-Frances is a featured author in Station 42, an Amazon bestseller. Along with other thought leaders, she also contributed to The Secret of Happiness by Greg S. Reid, which will be published in 2023. 

Mary-Frances has been known to say that she was Yankee born and southern raised by the Grace of God. She was born in New York and later moved to Florida, and she currently resides in the lovely mountains of western North Carolina.

Mary-Frances invites you to join her Facebook group: Transformu4u.

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Mary-Frances Buckland


Mary Frances is an excellent human being. I met her in September and have had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions. She is a woman of light that transmits peace when you talk to her. She always has the advice to give you and is also a very inspiring person. She is a great coach.

Arlene Sanchez, NY

Mary-Frances, I want to thank you for showing me my value as a person. You have provided me with numerous tools that have helped me improve my life. You have allowed me to realize that simple things that can spiral out of control are in my control. I am looking forward to more of your videos and working with you in the future.

John Ruane, Tn

I really was amazed at Mary-Frances Buckland and her knowledge. Let alone the incredible experience of relaxation and calm I felt after. Reiki is more important than I realized! Never thought I could get such a release of stress and pain. So thankful for such an amazing, mind-opening experience! Thank you so much!!!!!

Holly LordGrecsek, NC

Mary- Frances has helped me through some heart-wrenching challenges in my life by being available as a confidant, offering encouragement, support, and direction as I navigated my way through. She has an uncanny way of being attuned to what’s going on, even when the distance is a factor. 

Heather Herrick, Az

Mary-Frances recently helped me as I was going through a medical procedure. 
I was a bit nervous but Mary- Frances was the reason I felt comfortable and received great results from my procedure. You have to believe you will be healed when you do something like this,not just the procedure itself.This is the case in anything in life. Mary=Frances guided me through meditation and was absolutely amazing throughout the process. She is the best.

Shawn Virani Austin Tx