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Life Writes Extraordinary Stories. Let’s Tell Yours.

At Oxygen, you’ll discover how easy it is to write, develop and publish your story.  

Get ready to breathe life into an entirely new world of possibility. Our creativity is driven by the quest to help you imagine, define, shape, cultivate and share the spirit of your story. Why?  To help you enhance your life by sharing your voice and impact readers all over the world.

Once your published book is delivered onto the hands and hearts of its readers, it takes on a life of its own, which changes and transforms the lives of the writer and the reader.

Your book can also be the foundation for an expanded business model and future you’ve dreamed of living. Learn how to walk in the footsteps of being the affluent authority you’re called to be and start impacting the world with your words.

Our expert publishing team is ready to guide you through each step of the process with clarity and ease. Every day we fall in love with the stories our author clients write and publish. We take pride in their tremendous accomplishments.

This time next year the world will be buzzing about a book that has taken the world by storm.

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Our Story

Our Business is Your Story.

Our Mission is Sharing your Story with the World.

 OXYGEN Publishing Agency, we breathe life into your books. There is a story in everyone, and we want to empower you to discover and share yours. 

We’re an independent publishing agency located in Canada and the UK on a mission to empower your desire to inspire and impact the lives of others by becoming the author of your extraordinary story. Our mission gets stronger every day.

To make your author journey one to remember, we are a family of professionals whose business is your story.  There is a ripple effect once an individual makes such a committed and courageous decision. 

Founded by bestselling author Carolyn Flower, Oxygen is a client-driven publishing firm devoted to discovering, cultivating and developing emerging and known authors internationally and sharing their stories with the world.

We offer next generation personalized publishing services to best serve our clients. Whether you are ready to write or have completed your manuscript and are ready to publish and launch your book brand, our mission is your vision and together with our team of industry professionals, we will guide you along your pathway to publishing. We provide every resource necessary to bring your book to life. Your own personal team will help you navigate the signposts along the way: mentorship, assessment, review, editing, proofreading, exterior and interior design, marketing, online distribution, and publishing. We provide the answers to your 101 questions. We further help amplify your influence with the resources to create an extraordinary business beyond your book, creating platforms for you to serve, earn and inspire in a worldly way.

In addition to the services needed to produce a world class book, our professional author coaching programs provide unparalleled support and expertise far beyond the creation of your book. This is a key new generation element for sustainable author success. Writing a book often feels like a solitary journey. At Oxygen, you are never alone. It’s our next gen personalized publishing ​promise​ to you.

Oxygen Publishing Agency publishes non-fiction, professional business, self-help, personal development and motivational, memoir, and legacy life stories.  We have also dedicated an entire division to Children’s Book publishing. Publish your book as a paperback, a hardcover and/or digital.

At OXYGEN, no book is left uncovered. 

 “Transforming writers dreams into author reality. Inspire yourself to write and publish your book, amplify your authority, and make a powerful impact on the world.” ~ Carolyn Flower


Building Authors and Books One Story at a Time.

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