I attended an amazing Author Immersion Workshop experience hosted by Carolyn in Florida and worked on my 2nd book which was stuck in reverse for the last two years. Now, I am feeling turbo charged, and ready to cross the finish line at full speed! Spending such quality time with Carolyn, helping me move my book forward significantly in just a few days. The location was so relaxing, so beautiful, all my creativity was flowing. We organized my whole manuscript, discussed editing process, worked on the front and back matter, the covers, it was just divine. I highly recommend her process for a new author or anyone who is feeling stuck.


CEO at Harmonia Media and author of Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness

What makes Carolyn so great is her unwavering conviction that you have something important to say. Give her just a few minutes and that book idea that has been noodling around in your head but you have been afraid to share, will come out and all of a sudden you will start thinking “I can do this” and more importantly – “I have to do this because what I have to say will improve the world.” Give her a few more minutes and you will have a working book title and a plan to make it happen and you will be on your way. She truly has a great gift.


Founder of Funk to Flow Training

What an incredible gift it was for me to be immersed in a creative writing process with Carolyn for my forthcoming book. All her and focus was devoted to getting me organized. I’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed and disorganized with regards to being a potential author but now I have found my sense of direction and am motivated. Without a doubt, anyone who is considering or in the midst of writing a book should spend a day or a weekend with Carolyn.


Certified Alzheimer Care Consultant. Forthcoming author of The Fall and Rise of Superwoman: A Caregiver’s Crosswalk to Navigate the Journey of Dementia

JP Martel has many years of experience in the advertising and marketing world.

He is a great idea and concept professional but maintains a strategic focus.


Hon. B. Comm, JD, Recent Chair of the Canadian Franchise Association

Through my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented professionals and maintain contacts with those I value the most. One such individual is Jean-Pierre Martel. JP and I worked closely together for over 9 years. His talent in branding, marketing and advertising is second to none.


Past President of M&M Meat Shops

When I was the President of Les Aliments M&M in Quebec, JP’s agency, Martel & Cie handled our account. I always considered him more than a supplier; he was an amazing partner and during the 15 years that he handled our M&M business, we became good friends. With JP’s stewardship over the years we experienced the quickest growth in all of Canada. We continually beat the ROC results and became the envy of all. Following our TV campaign that resulted in sales of +20%, JP was awarded the account for all of Canada. His creative was always top line and the clincher was his ability to be tactical and change quickly to adapt to the market, as the switch to WEB from traditional media was in full swing. As an overachiever I only surround myself with true winners and JP Martel is one of those winners. Congratulations on this new partnership; your clients are fortunate and will benefit from your combined expertise.


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