Figs Beneath the Snow - Best Selling

Silvia Fiorita Smith 

Figs Beneath
the Snow:

Unearthing the Poetry Within

A beautifully written book of poetry.

What do you do when you want to make sense of all the uncertainty in the world around you?  How do you capture the moments in your life that have made you who you are? You sit in the early morning light, reflect, and paint your stories of memories that evoke words and elicit hope. Like a fig tree out of its element that lies buried beneath the earth during winter, you come back and flourish, bearing fruit for all to enjoy. 

Figs Beneath The Snow: Unearthing the Poetry Within is a collection of poetry celebrating the resilience of human nature and the life experiences shared by many simply because we all belong to each other. Written mostly during the COVID-19 pandemic, these poems express gratitude, sorrow, joy, and pain. Part memoir, part contemplation of life, the author invites you along on a journey that meanders through such diverse topics as family dynamics, mental illness, loss, grief, spirituality, everyday heroes, and social justice. You will, hopefully, find a part of yourselves in these pages.


Silvia Fiorita Smith

Silvia Fiorita Smith is the youngest child of Italian immigrants; born in Montreal and grew up in the colorful neighbourhood of Park Extension, from where she derives many of her poems and stories. Writing coursed through her veins all her life but was merely considered a frivolous pastime. She has been a member of the West Island Writers’ group for many years, contributed to their anthologies, has won second place in both poetry and nonfiction story contests, and in 2019, made the longlist in the CBC creative nonfiction literary contest. A mother of three children and grandmother of four, she is married to a retired pastor from the United Church of Canada and lives on the West Island of Montreal.

 Silvia Fiorita Smith